In the year 2021, a herd of sheep were led to a mysterious node where a super-powerful and advanced protocol then infected the herd of 9,999 docile sheep, forking their very existence and linking them to the Blockchain for eternity!


The sheep are now growing more intelligent by the day, as they quest for the knowledge to understand and thrive on the blockchain. Their ultimate goal being the pursuit of scientific and technological advancements that will one day propel them to the moon and further.


Sheared Sheep is a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Each Sheep is randomly assembled by an algorithm and generated from over 120 possible traits, which fall into 8 different categories, including eyes, mouths, headwear, clothing, and more.


Sean - @TreeNifty


Lauren - @LaurenOCrypto







The sale will begin on January 12th, 2022 at 8pm UTC.

The official buying address will be accessible on the website only: https://shearedsheep.io/. 

Click the ‘BUY A SHEEP’ button on our website homepage. This will open the buying page, which will expire after 15 minutes. Send the EXACT amount of ADA shown to the official receiving address found on our website. They mint for 33 ADA each and you can buy one, two or three Sheep at a time. DO NOT SEND ADA FROM AN EXCHANGE. ADA must be sent from a Daedalus, Nami or Yoroi (etc.) Cardano wallet.

Each Sheep will mint for 33 ADA.

There are 9,999 unique Sheared Sheep NFTs. 9,950 Sheared Sheep will be sold in a single drop. 49 Sheared Sheep have been pre-minted for giveaways, community building, and the creative team.

ADA must be sent from a Daedalus, Nami or Yoroi (etc.) Cardano wallet. DO NOT SEND ADA FROM AN EXCHANGE. Be careful of fake wallets!

Go on https://pool.pm and type in your receiving wallet address in the search bar.

Rarity charts will be available after the drop.

The Sheared Sheep policy ID is: dc9da4982d475e05c3733a3afb9300906cc7c54f6ba7ddc83416bec5

Join our Discord community to reach out for support: https://discord.gg/HveKk2wdET 

The three phases of the project’s Roadmap can be found on our website.